7½ years Orvion: time to launch Orvion Udetect®

Today we celebrate 7½ years Orvion and we launch Orvion Udetect®.
With Udetect you can quickly and accurately analyse bacteria in water, such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Cyanobacteria and Legionella!
Normally this is done in the lab with cultivation techniques. This takes a long time and is often tricky: samples have to be cooled during transport to the lab.
Orvion Udetect® uses qPCR technique: DNA in the water sample is used for identification and quantification.
[picture Udetect]
This technique has been around for a long time and is used in laboratories all over the world. We have simplified the method: No electricity is required for the filtration and DNA extraction (Link: how it works). Only the mobile qPCR device uses electricity, either from the mains or from a battery. All required reagents can be shipped and stored at room temperature. The total package you need to take into the field fits in a backpack!
This makes Udetect interesting for all kinds of applications:
• Rapid analysis of drinking water quality, for example after a pipe has been repaired, so that the network can be released as soon as possible
• Analyse drinking water quality in remote areas. In Mozambique our partner WeConsult has already carried out more than 600 water quality analyses on E. Coli, Salmonella and Bacteroidetes. As a result, we obtain high quality data on the current local drinking water quality – data that can hardly be collected in any other way
• Rapid measurement of bathing water quality. We measure E. Coli, toxic Cyanobacteria and pathogenic Leptospira. We are currently conducting a pilot in bathing waters in the Netherlands with Deltares, KWR, Microlan, multiple waterboards, the Municipality of Breda, Aquon and Aqualysis. We expect that from now on bathing water quality can be checked quickly
• A low entry into qPCR for small laboratories worldwide. With Udetect you can immediately get started with qPCR
More information can be found on Udetect.eu. Contact our specialists to find out if Udetect is of value for your application as well.
September 1, 2020: a special day for me personally. Orvion was founded on 1 March 2013. After 7½ years full of successful innovations, we reach an important milestone with Udetect.
I would like to thank all our customers and relations. The trust you keep placing in us gives us the opportunity to grow and develop!
And especially thanks to the Orvion team: great to achieve this together with you!
Orvion Udetect

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