Article H2O

Today the H2O professional article about fast mobile DNA analysis in Mozambique has been published (in Dutch, the main project report is in English). Here you can read the article and download it in PDF. A milestone for Orvion and our partner WeConsult. In the project we have developed methods to quickly and accurately measure pathogens such as E.Coli and Salmonella in drinking water using mobile DNA techniques. This is especially important in Africa: improving water quality starts with the collection of accurate data! DNA technology is an important step forward. DNA techniques are faster, more accurate and more specific. One of the most important findings is that E. Coli is not always a good indicator organism for fecal contamination. In ten water samples we found no E. Coli but Salmonella. This indicates that it is useful and important not only to rely on E. Coli, but to measure specific pathogens.

The article comes at a time when Mozambique has been hit hard by cyclone Idai. The aftermath of this disaster shows once again that good drinking water quality is of vital importance. That is why we continue to work on good and affordable monitoring techniques and hope that this will ultimately benefit the people who most need it.

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