Big Data collected from three wastewater treatment plants

In water treatment it is bacteria that clean the water. So data about the micro-organisms in sludge is needed in order to have more insight and more control over the treatment process. With new technology from Oxford Nanopore Technologies that we use, this has become possible and affordable. An example of the result is to be found in this interactive file.

In September 2017 we began a monthly screening of the activated sludge from three types of treatment plants withORVIdecode: municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater and landfill leachate. We shall do this for one year. The results are expected towards the end of 2018. The mass of data (big data) gained will be used to develop new tools and expertise to make the treatment plants more effective.

We will collect information about biodiversity (which species are there?), their activity (what are they doing?) and concentration (how many are there?). Treatment processes such as nitrification, phosphate removal, antibiotic resistance or the breakdown of specific compounds will become more transparent and will be able to be better managed. For more information, contact Frithjof Godschalk .

From an early age I have regarded the natural world with wide eyed wonder. And it continues to amaze me. At Orvion I use big data and technology to find ways to clean up mess and make beautiful things by using nature without abusing it.

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