Article: Dehalogenimonas

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Our colleagues Federica and Marc have written an article on the role that Dehalogenimonas plays in the remediation of pure product Trichloroethene DNAPL in ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

Article H2O

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Today the H2O professional article about fast mobile DNA analysis in Mozambique has been published (in Dutch, the main project report is in English). Here you can read the article and download it in PDF. A milestone for Orvion and our partner WeConsult. In the project we have developed methods …

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Demonstrating benzene degradation with DNA techniques


We know more and more about microbiology. DNA detection equipment is becoming cheaper, as a result of which more and more new bacterial species and their degradation processes are discovered. The size of biodiversity in the world is displayed in a article in nature : the Tree of Life. It …

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New website


The new website is now online! Here you can find updates on projects, innovations and news concerning Orvion and our activities. Take a look at for more information on the remediation of chlorinated solvents.