Chemiepack commissioned by the province of Noord-Brabant

Client: The Province of Noord-Brabant
Question: Specialist in-situ soil remediation and geohydrology
Work done: As a result of the destructive fire on the premices of Chemie-Pack in Moerdijk, the local soil and water have been severely polluted. Orvion has been asked by the Province of Noord-Brabant to act as in-situ soil remediation specialist in the preparations for the soil remediation of the site.
The biggest challenge is to come up with an effective strategy for the remediation. This is made difficult by the fact that the amount of different compounds in the pollution is so diverse. In collaboration with the province and other experts, Orvion aims to achieve a suitable and cost-effective solution to these problems.
Even in these challenging conditions Orvion is keen to implement sustainable solutions to difficult problems, and make use of the strength that nature can provide us with.

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