Orvion BV
‘t Vaartland 27
2821 LH Stolwijk
+31 182 606360

Orvion was founded in 2013. Our team has over 15 years of experience in Water- and Environmental technology, Microbiology and Chemistry. In the second decenium of the 21st century we face an important challenge: How to bring harmony between human development and a sustainable future for our environment? In Orvions vision the answer lies in nature itself. Natural processes can be great examples in the use of finite recources. Also, Natural processes can be utilized to recycle resources in a more sustainable manner. Please contact us through the contact form below.

J.B.M. (Marc) van Bemmel, MSc.
LinkedIn Marc CEO / Owner Orvion BV
+31 (0) 621859700

For Questions concerning:
Soil Remediation

P. (Paul) Appeldoorn, MSc.
LinkedIn Paul Commercial Manager
+31 (0) 615905344

For Questions concerning:

A.A. (Aleida) de Vos van Steenwijk, MSc.
LinkedIn Aleida Project Manager
+31 (0) 617394569

For Questions concerning:
Water Treatment
Water Quality en Detection

F.D. (Frithjof) Godschalk, MSc.
LinkedIn Frithjof Research & Development
+31 (0) 182606360

For Questions concerning:

T.F.J. (Thommy) Verschuuren, MSc.
LinkedIn Thommy Project Engineer
+31 (0) 615314294

For Questions concerning:

F. (Federica) Brogioli
Research & Development
+31 (0) 182606360

For Questions concerning:
ETBE & MTBE degradation

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