Feasibility and remediation plan

When selling or redeveloping a plot or location, the suspicion of a soil or groundwater pollution being present brings along obligations. Orvion makes an inventory of soil pollution that are presen and a remediation strategy so that you not only know the extent of the contamination, but can also gain insight into the consequences. For over 50% of our remediation work we are directly involved in the actual remediation, which means we produce practical and workable solutions: as little excavation as possible and no chemical remediations in built up areas or under your building.

What makes our approach unique is that we measure the feasibility of (monitored) natural attenuation at an early stage. We screen your location for relevant bacterial species. The remediation strategies we design make optimal use of biological degradation processes so that you get the most economical option.

Before we design a remediation plan, we will discuss with you the situation and options. We will discuss your soil contamination issue, present a number of technical solutions and discuss the options for tendering. With our expertise in the microbiological field, we provide thorough substantiation of the remediation approach, so that you will have a strong case to present to the authorities concerned.

For remediation projects in the Netherlands we hold the following required certificates (ISO 9001 and BRL 6002). Our products include:
Historical soil investigation in accordance with NEN 5725
Exploratory soil investigation in accordance with NEN 5740
Further soil investigation in accordance with NTA 5755
BUS notifications
Decontamination plans
Environmental guidance (BRL 6000)
Batch inspections (BRL 1000)
Measurement of potential for natural degradation

Marc van Bemmel is an Environmental Technologist. He established Orvion in order to develop and apply sustainable biological techniques. He has a great fascination with nature and likes to demonstrate how powerful it can be, how we can learn from it and how we can use natural processes in a meaningful and harmonious way.

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