Get more financial benefit from soil remediation.

Developments in the field of biotechnology give rise to new possibilities in ongoing soil treatment and monitoring. There are new publications every year concerning micro-organisms that have the ability to degrade pollutants. For example, a publication in 2017 revealing the discovery of an anaerobic benzene-degrading bacterial species.

If you have a soil remediation on your balance sheet we can offer a financially attractive alternative. With our up-to-date knowledge and DNA technology, we are able to make a thorough risk assessment. We measure and assess the potential for natural attenuation, assess your ongoing remediation and develop a sustainable biological alternative.

Over 50% of our soil remediation projects are still in the execution phase. We have, therefore, a good knowledge of the market and of implementing partners with investment opportunities. Together with our partners we calculate the operating costs of your treatment and make an offer for the financing of the proposal. Our aim is to make you an offer that improves the financial position of your company and frees you from soil remediation charges.

A buy-out begins with a discussion about the possibilities and opportunities for an alternative remediation approach. For further information contact Paul Appeldoorn.

Paul Appeldoorn is a Civil Engineer. His ambition is to solve problems. New biotechnologies make it possible to look at soil remediation, water treatment or industrial processes with fresh eyes. But the technology only works if the problem is dissected and there is a clear financial advantage for the customer. Keep questioning until the core of the problem has been achieved and be honest about what works and what does not work.

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