Biological remediation WAVIN started

The ground on the WAVIN Services site in Hardenberg has been contaminated with solvents for a long time. These substances were formerly used as degreasing agents. WAVIN has been controlling this groundwater contamination since the 1990’s. Ground water was be pumped up and treated above ground. But this approach was never going to definitively resolved the problem.

Orvion has worked with WAVIN Services to come up with a permanent solution. Following discussions with Rene Cazemier (Head of Site Management WAVIN Services) and his predecessor, Tom Cremer, a treatment using bio-augmentation was been designed. After consultation with the Province of Overijssel a remediation plan has been drawn up and Mourik Groot-Ammers was approached to perform the remediation project. The treatment is being supervised by Orvion.

“We are now letting the bugs do the dirty work. This is a clean technique that fits these times and our situation. We could not continue with the above-ground water treatment for ever. We want to get rid of the pollution and now the end is in sight” -Rene Cazemier

The remediation is being carried out by adding Dehalococcoides bacteria to the soil together with nutrients. In this way the pollution is effectively degraded to harmless end products.

For more information about clean and affordable biological remediation, please contact Marc van Bemmel.

Marc van Bemmel is an Environmental Technologist. He established Orvion in order to develop and apply sustainable biological techniques. He has a great fascination with nature and likes to demonstrate how powerful it can be, how we can learn from it and how we can use natural processes in a meaningful and harmonious way.

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