Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA)

Scientific research does not stand still. New types of bacteria are being discovered every year, such as those involved in the degradation of benzalkonium chlorides
(BAC, a cleaning and disinfecting agent) and in 2017 a species that anaerobically degrades benzene.

Many contaminants can be degraded by bacteria, also in soil and aquifers. For this the living conditions in the subsoil must be right for these species. Orvion surveys the soil conditions to see if they are suitable for degradation. Uniquely, with modern DNA analysis techniques we are able to measure whether suitable bacteria are present in the groundwater.

With our approach, we determine whether natural degradation is occurring before the start of an MNA program. In this way it does not take years of monitoring data to determine whether degradation is taking place. But directly, within a few days. In many cases our approach does not require extra budgeting, an approach we have used for DCMR and the Municipality of Rotterdam.

On our page ORVIdetect you will find an overview of all available analyses. Do you have a specific contamination? We create tailor-made analyses for you. Contact Paul Appeldoorn about the possibilities.

Paul Appeldoorn is a Civil Engineer. His ambition is to solve problems. New biotechnologies make it possible to look at soil remediation, water treatment or industrial processes with fresh eyes. But the technology only works if the problem is dissected and there is a clear financial advantage for the customer. Keep questioning until the core of the problem has been achieved and be honest about what works and what does not work.

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