Measuring invasive exotics with eDNA

With ORVIdetect we are able to measure invasive exotics in water and silt samples taken from surface waters. Species such as the American Red Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii), the Muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus), the American Bull Frog (Rana catesbeiana) or the Topmouth gudgeon (Pseudorasbora parva) can be detected with eDNA.

Commissioned by the District Water Board of Schieland and the Krimpenerwaard (HHSK), Natuur- en Vogelwerkgroep Krimpenerwaard (NVWK)(The Nature and Bird Work Group Krimpenerwaard), Oasen (a drinking water company) and Zuid-Hollands Landschap Orvion, together with RAVON conducted research into the occurrence of two species in the Krimpernerwaard. For the first time in 50 years the European weatherfish (Misgurnus fossilis) was shown to be present in a few places in this outstrechted area. Furthermore, a first insight was obtained into the spread of the undesirable exotic, the American red crayfish, which is having an enormous impact on the flora and fauna of the Krimpenerwaard. The results have been used to demonstrate the continuing spread of the American Red Crayfish. Observations made are recorded on (and in the Dutch National Database Flora and Fauna {NDFF}) and are shared with the Water Board.

The Krimpenerwaard is a popular nature and recreation area with an important social function in the Randstad (conurbation of Western Holland). It is relatively inaccessible and not a great deal is known about the occurrence of aquatic animal species in the area. A total of 23 samples were analysed and the results were processed graphically.

eDNA detection of terrestrial, water and shore plants is still under development. Please contact Marc van Bemmel for the possibilities.

Marc van Bemmel is an Environmental Technologist. He established Orvion in order to develop and apply sustainable biological techniques. He has a great fascination with nature and likes to demonstrate how powerful it can be, how we can learn from it and how we can use natural processes in a meaningful and harmonious way.

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