Optimisation of biofilter for odour removal

Orvion has carried out an optimisation of a biofilter for ADM Europoort. ADM’s biofilter is used to remove odour from the waste gases that are produced during the production of soya and rapeseed oil. The biofilter is filled with bark from pine trees that acts as a carrier for bacteria that degrade odorous compounds. However, the filter did not function well enough. After research by Orvion, it was found that the acidity of the bark filling was too low. This meant that the bacteria could not function optimally.

In collaboration with Logisticon Water Treatment, a buffer sytem has been implemented on the biofilter. This has greatly improved its efficiency.

If you want to treat waste gas effectively, you can contact Marc van Bemmel.

Marc van Bemmel is an Environmental Technologist. He established Orvion in order to develop and apply sustainable biological techniques. He has a great fascination with nature and likes to demonstrate how powerful it can be, how we can learn from it and how we can use natural processes in a meaningful and harmonious way.

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