Troubleshooting at a highly loaded MBR water treatment plant

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Client: Logisticon Water Treatment Question: A very highly loaded MBR bioreactor (average influent concentrations COD 15.000 mg/L and ammonium 4.000 mg-N/L) showed Nitrite accumulation (up to 1.000 mg/L) and didn’t function properly. The question was to find the underlying problems and advise on the optimization of the process in order …

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Quantification of Filamentous growth in Wastewater treatment plant

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Client: Water Board Schieland and Krimpenerwaard Question: A watertreatment plant periodically has problems sludge bulking, the question was to analyse with ORVIdetect quantitative PCR to gain insight into the filamentous growth in the sludge. Work done: ORVIdetect analyses for several filamentous micro-organisms were performed on the sludge. At the moment …

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Gillesstraat commissioned by the city of The Hague

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Client: City of The Hague Question: Design, tender and guidance of the implementation of the biological in-situ remediation of the J. Gillesstraat in The Hague Work done: Development and design of a alternative approach to the remediation of CVOCs. Planning, design, modelling, selection of contractor, preparation of the remediation and …

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Chemiepack commissioned by the province of Noord-Brabant

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Client: The Province of Noord-Brabant Question: Specialist in-situ soil remediation and geohydrology Work done: As a result of the destructive fire on the premices of Chemie-Pack in Moerdijk, the local soil and water have been severely polluted. Orvion has been asked by the Province of Noord-Brabant to act as in-situ …

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New website


The new website is now online! Here you can find updates on projects, innovations and news concerning Orvion and our activities. Take a look at for more information on the remediation of chlorinated solvents.