ORVIbiotest – activity and feasibility testing

We offer various tests in our laboratory. For water treatment we have simple laboratory tests that quickly show whether wastewater can be treated biologically. You are given information about the feasibility of meeting the discharge requirements, the adaptation phase , the maximum degradation rate, toxicity, or whether there is a question of limited degradation owing to a shortage of nutrients and, for example, the effect of temperature. No pollution-specific analyses are required, which significantly reduces costs.

Much is known about biodegradation of common contaminants. For sites with more exotic pollutants, such as chlorobenzenes or drins, the chances of natural degradation. can be ascertained before the start of remediation; as well as the possibility of speeding it up with, for example, a specific bacterial culture..

Examples of the application of our ORVIbiotest can be found in our research into the biological treatment of incineration ash washing water and the feasibility of a discharge requirement. Our available tests are:
BOD tests: Determination of (residual) biological oxygen (BOD) in water
Nitrification: meten van nitrificerende activiteit
Anammox: measuring of anaerobic ammonium oxidative activities
Fermentation: measuring biogas production from organic material
Aerobic biodegradation: determine whether a specific contamination or wastewater is biodegradable
Anaerobic biodegradation: determine whether a specific contamination or wastewater is biodegradable under anaerobic conditions.

Contact Thommy Verschuuren about the possibilities.

Thommy Verschuuren works at Orvion looking from innovative and often unexpected angles at the challenges that face customers. He likes to show that cost savings and sustainable development can go hand in hand. “Often the green solution is also the economically advantageous solution, but it just does not occur to you”.

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