ORVIdecode – NGS

With ORVIdecode we are able to characterise all the organisms in a sample based on their DNA or RNA. All known bacteria, Archaea, flora and/or fauna are mapped by a method known as Next Generation Sequencing. This offers unprecedented possibilities in the fields of water treatment, soil remediation, industrial processes en ecology.

Examples of projects where we have applied ORVIdecode are: big data project, vaststellen van determination of nitrification inhibition, measurement of antibiotic resistance, identification of industrial contamination and measurement of the effectiveness of a biosparge screen.

Large amounts of data are released with an ORVIdecode analysis. We process the data in clear, interactive files that give insight into the composition of the biodiversity. To distinguish the critical data from the rest we use our bio-IT tools to, for example, compare multiple datasets, carry out correlation studies or to elucidate active processes. In this way we quickly arrive at the essence with which we can then continue in practice.

Click for more information about the procedure, or contact Frithjof Godschalk to discuss the options.

From an early age I have regarded the natural world with wide eyed wonder. And it continues to amaze me. At Orvion I use big data and technology to find ways to clean up mess and make beautiful things by using nature without abusing it.

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