Reducing operational costs with a sustainable bioreactor for cleaning of residuals

An industrial customer of Orvion is currently processing rest products from its operation in a conventional manner. The rest products that are released can be reused in the production process, but must be cleaned off-site beforehand.

Using ORVIbiotest, Orvion has established that through dosing with a suitable bacterial population, the rest products can be cleaned in a biological and sustainable manner with a yield of more than 90%. Cleaning with an on-site bioreactor becomes an option.

In addition to the technical feasibility, financial feasibility has also been investigated. Our first estimate is that the processing of the rest products can be achieved with lower operational costs; a sustainable and financially attractive alternative to existing treatment. The follow-up phase, a larger test with a pilot installation, is being prepared.

If you want to know whether the processing of waste and residual flows can be more sustainable, with lower operational costs, please contact Paul Appeldoorn.

Paul Appeldoorn is a Civil Engineer. His ambition is to solve problems. New biotechnologies make it possible to look at soil remediation, water treatment or industrial processes with fresh eyes. But the technology only works if the problem is dissected and there is a clear financial advantage for the customer. Keep questioning until the core of the problem has been achieved and be honest about what works and what does not work.

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