Tendering and implementation of treatment

Looking for the cheapest remediation solution? Let nature do the work! Orvion develops remediation techniques using natural degradation processes. Only where nature is itself unable to degrade the contaminants, do we add carbon source, nutrients and/or bacterial cultures. Our motto is: remediate with the hand on the purse strings.

Because we are involved in the implementation of 50% of our soil remediation work, we come up with practical and workable solutions. For example, for dry cleaners, oil storage and transhipment locations, production industry, former gasworks and landfill sites.

If you yourself wish to tender a remediation, it is important to select the right form of tender. If you know how you wish to go about it, then opt for a simple tendering method or ensure clear measurable criteria for tenderers. For example, a concentration level of additives after 6 months at a depth of 5 m-sl. The process should be clearly laid out, and room left where possible for individual creativity.

We are not so much concerned about advice as about the implementation of a working solution. Where necessary, we want to provide risk bearing designs in tender procedures and co-write BPKV offers (previously EMVI) in order to guarantee the best results.

Orvion is BRL 6002 certified for process control and the verification van in situ saneringen. of in situ remediation in the Netherlands. We guide the process from beginning to end and ensure that it is completed cheaply.

Marc van Bemmel is an Environmental Technologist. He established Orvion in order to develop and apply sustainable biological techniques. He has a great fascination with nature and likes to demonstrate how powerful it can be, how we can learn from it and how we can use natural processes in a meaningful and harmonious way.

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